We Have a Boat!

Today was a special day for my family. Today, my wife and I are boat owners! Well, I should be honest, it’s more of a piece of wood, but hey, it floats!


As a kid my father used to take me out on the river, the serene water glistening in the early morning, the sun coming up over the trees. We would fish until it was warm enough that our breath didn’t escape in clouds in front of us, and we would row back in. I never realized how deeply I cherished those moments until he passed. I know he’s in Heaven looking down at us but it still pains me every day to know the world lost such a quality man. His congregation misses him deeply.

Ah, I digress – away from the somber and on to happier things, our boat! Rivaled only by the Persian warships colliding with Poseidon’s wrath, “Mystic” is 11 feet long and seventeen years old. Okay, so we didn’t buy it, but we did have it gifted to us, and what a gift it was! After floating aimlessly down the languid river, I realized how far we had traveled and spent two hours vigorously rowing upstream to reach to reach the pinnacle of the river where we had once departed from.

I always thought it would be relaxing to have a boat but after being an owner for sixteen hours, I’m starting to realize why Susie and Greg gifted it to us – it’s hard work! They mentioned that we should clean the underside, especially since it’s a wooden boat. We purchased a pressure washer, something we never thought of buying before. It sped up the process but I did lose control of the spray gun at first and sprayed my wife in the face. Don’t worry, she got over it.

A Honda GX160 5.5 HP. pressure washer.
A Honda GX160 5.5 HP. pressure washer. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Overall, I think I learned a lot today. Sometimes the most rewarding things in life involve the most work, but in the end, it’s all about who you’re with. If Munchkin wasn’t resting on the ‘starboard side’ of the boat (I think that’s right?) and my wife wasn’t encouraging me the entire time, I never would have flexed my muscles and made it up the river. One battle at a time, they say, one battle at a time.

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