Unique Ways to Show Someone You Care

Technology has made connecting with people easier, but relating to people a little harder. With so much attention being directed towards technology, work, families and other obligations, it can be hard to show someone you really care. Whether you miss connecting with your best friend or your spouse, or you want to show your child that you’ve been thinking about them, taking a moment to connect with people on a real level can make a huge difference. Before this, you should be sure to read the Best Snow Blower Reviews here. Here are a few ideas to show someone you care:


A Handwritten Letter:

Did you know that most schools have done away with cursive handwriting lessons in favor of keyboarding classes? It’s a sad loss because there is something special about getting an envelope in the mail with your name on it, in that familiar cursive writing your mom, grandma or other relative did so well. The next time you are thinking about someone, instead of shooting them a quick text message or email, consider sending a handwritten note instead. Getting a note or card in the mail is fun and it lets the other person know you took the extra time just for them. You can even send a letter to someone who lives in your home!


 Make a Mixtape:

Wait… do they even still make these? Remember when getting a mixtape from your crush was the most romantic thing in the world? If you are on a tight budget, not only is this romantic, it’s cheap too. Make a mixed CD (or tape if you’re old school) of songs that remind you of them, or some of their favorite songs. Every time they listen to their new jams, they’ll remember the time you took to put the collection together.


 Surprise Date:

Surprise your friend, sister, husband, boyfriend or child with a special trip just for the two of you. This one takes a little planning, and often a little help from a few other people. If necessary, contact bosses and family members to get approval for a few days off before your surprise trip. Pick somewhere you can enjoy together. Pack their bags for them and surprise them with a weekend or overnight getaway. Spontaneous trips don’t happen often enough anymore, especially if you are married or have children. Taking time to make it happen is a great way to show someone you love them and want to spend more time with them.


Find a Unique Gift:

You’ll be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t enjoy getting gifts. A fun way to show you care is to find a unique gift that shows their personality and highlights the things you like about them. A fun idea is this cute puzzle that comes disassembled so your loved one can figure out the secret message while enjoying their present. It can even be customized with a personal message for extra meaning!


When you go to get a gift, really think about the person. Instead of grabbing a gift card or a generic gift from the store, think about something they would really want or need. This is a great way to show you care. When you listen to someone and surprise them with something they mentioned, they’ll know you cared enough to listen and act.


Create a Video or Power Point:

While technology can intrude into our lives, using technology to create something meaningful is one of the benefits of having so many tools. One fun idea is to create a power point or video using old videos or photographs to highlight special memories. To make it more personal consider adding quotes or copies of letters that you shared. You can even set the videos to music for an extra special touch. You can make these romantic, heartfelt or fun depending on who the gift is for.



If you can’t sing, don’t worry about it. John Cusack can’t sing either and he won over his love by holding a stereo playing a recording of someone else singing! Get out of your comfort zone and plan a serenade outside their window or at their work. If you aren’t willing to endure a little public humiliation, you can always serenade your special someone while you dance together at home.


Finding new ways to connect on a real level is essential. With so many things taking our attention, it’s essential to make time to show you care so your relationships stay healthy.

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