Top 5 Organizational Hacks For Spring Cleaning

Wow, has it been 3 months since my last post?! To get ready for my yearly Spring Cleaning, I wanted to highlight my favorite organizational hacks for 2016.

It is important to remember that when organizing you must have a purpose. Putting items together just to keep the floor or counter clean does nothing in the long run. Before you begin any organizational project, you must have an end goal in mind.


Do you want to clean, or do you want to make your home efficient? The following hacks are for efficiency, aesthetics, and a general ‘good feel’ to your home. Enjoy!


1. Magnetic Wall / Frame 


It doesn’t need to be make-up. It can be anything from keys to kitchen utensils.



2. Hook Board for Garage or Playroom


Use this in the garage or your child’s room!



3. Rod Under Sink 


This is perfect for that cupboard with 100 different types of cleaning  bottles.



4. Raised Garden Bed


Organize your garden with an easy ‘Raised Garden Bed’! Perfect for new gardeners and for teaching children!



5. Storage Ottoman


This is perfect for living room blankets, toys, and other clutter.



Am I missing any hacks? Let me know if I should add more to this list!

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