Stepping Outside My Comfort Zone: Home-made Sushi

Hi guys, how was everyone’s weekend?

My wife got out of town for the weekend with a friend, so it was just me and munchkin for most of the weekend.  On Saturday my wife’s friend’s husband came over to our house for dinner and we wanted to try something we had never done before!  Sure we could have gone for the traditional burger or some brats, but we were looking for a challenge.  What we ended up aiming for (and actually turned out pretty good!) was home-made sushi!  Have any of you tried to make your own sushi at home? How’d it turn out? We got our supplies from Trader Joe’s.


Unfortunately my wife had taken our DSLR with her on her trip, so I was stuck using my camera phone.  And me not being the best cook in town, I let my friend handle most of the tasks while I was able to concentrate on the photography.  Check out a few of the photos below:











We didn’t have a bamboo roller, but used tinfoil as suggested by this website.  The foil worked out well, all things considered, but the issue was with the seaweed wraps.  We opted for pre-cut strips, rather than the full sheets (since we’re lazy men and are all about convenience), and the pre-cut strips just weren’t wide enough for our novice rolling skills.


Overall, I would say our sushi endeavor turned out to be a success and the fresh fish was extremely delicious!  Tell me about a time you stepped out of your comfort zone down below in the comments.

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