Quick Tips to an Organized Bathroom

Need to clean and organize your bathroom? This article is just the one for you – especially with the holidays around the corner, preparing for guests is important.


Always consider your space and supplies. This might seem like an obvious suggestion, but trust me, a lot of people don’t consider the plain and blunt approach. Some people buy excess toiletries to get by, but never have a place to put them. Bathroom closets are often filled up with trinkets, towels, and other bathroom essentials, like cleaners and scrubbers, or extra soaps or a medicine cabinet that’s filled to the brim with expired pills. What do we do with expired extras? Throw’em out!

Bathroom (Photo credits: PB Teen)

Back to that closet space; can you accommodate more shelving? Give it a shot. It’s an investment to use every nook and cranny to make the most of your bathroom, so don’t feel bad if you spend any extra money on shelving or other types of storage. A hanging organizer for your shower is a great idea, or an over-the-toilet shelving system.


Put makeup and other toiletries in drawers to take away distractions. My wife doesn’t like leaving her expensive mascara prey to the hands of guests. It’s important to label things, too, so you don’t forget where your stuff is.


Keep a rod installed in your bathroom to hang excess towels, so you’re not using extra storage space for a bunch of towels that people are going to use. You can use that space for things like cleaners, toiletries, and even toilet paper.


In the end, it’s not just about guests, but the efficiency of your home and its bathroom. Make sure you’re accommodating for yourself, too.