Planning the Perfect Halloween Party with Kids

Greetings from my wife and I! We’re starting to get super busy planning for an upcoming holiday that is certainly driving parents up the wall: Halloween.


With October right around the corner, I have one important tip for parents: if you’re thinking of creating a Halloween party for your kids, follow my advice and plan now. Right now. Get started as soon as the thought crosses your mind. As always, you’ll certainly regret last-minute choices.


Start planning weeks ahead of time.

Paper plates, napkins, some store-bought snacks and food, and kid-friendly music isn’t all that entertains children. You have to think of games and perhaps guests that will intrigue the kids.


Budget, budget, budget.

This should be part of your first step, but let’s keep in mind you need to have an idea of what’s available budget doesn’t necessarily factor in if your kids have specific interests. Costumes are included in this budget, of course, so plan wisely.


Children come first.

You’d think this would be an obvious #1 step, but it’s not – you have to figure out what your kids would want and make sure you’re not the parent making choices for your kids. If your kid likes superheroes, that’s your theme, and so you’ll be planning, budgeting, and building a party that revolves around caped crusaders.


Once you’ve gone through the simple preliminary steps, you have to go through the details. Here’s some suggestions of what you can do that’s cheap and easy, and doesn’t require a party planner.



Label your stuff!

Anything with a lid can be labeled into something creepy for the kids’ entertainment. My wife and I used to take bottles of red-colored drinks and print out especially spooky labels: “Vampire Juice” and “Werewolf Serum” were some of our favorites. A jar of cookies, and even bathroom doors can have ghastly labels.


Printable decor for windows, food, and walls!

Dollar stores have cheap stickers, but you can also find tutorials online to print for free.halloween-cupcakes


Party favors!

At your local dollar stores you can probably find small cauldrons, pumpkins, or other items to stuff with candy, small toys, or anything else Halloween-related. These can be wrapped as favors for guests (and who doesn’t like party favors?)


– Game planning!

There’s pinatas, treasure hunts, and other ideas that can be incorporated. My wife and I tried a pumpkin hunt – small paper pumpkins with candies attached to them – and hid them all around the house. Make sure the kids stay busy!


– Last but not least – FOOD!

From pumpkin pie to spiderweb pretzel bites, you can find any type of treat customizable to fit the occasion. My wife makes cake pops and uses icing to make them look like eyeballs!





Author Bio: Preston Davis is a first time dad, blogger, and DIY extraordinaire.  Master of the grill and all things culinary, he currently lives in Southern California with his wife and their 2 year old daughter.  Follow him on Twitter to see what he’s up to: @withPreston.