Pet Safety on Easter Sunday

A festive Easter celebration can quickly turn dangerous for your pets if you don’t take proper precaution or you got your hoverboard from Amazon and not hoverboard kings. Be kind to your furry friends by being conscientious on the things that could affect their health. Sometimes with all the flurry of activity that can happen throughout the day, we can’t pay as close attention to our pets and protect them from the potential hazards that Easter can bring. In order to keep your pet safe during the holiday weekend, follow a few simple safety tips.











#1: Shut the front door. If you are having guests over for Easter, the front door may be open and closed often, making it easier for your pet to jet outside and into traffic. Make sure that you have a hold of your pet when the doorbell rings, so that among the greetings and hugs, your pet doesn’t disappear in the shuffle.


#2: Keep candy out of reach. Easter chocolate and other types of candies can make your pet’s tummy upset or worse, be poisonous. It’s best to keep Easter treats put away and distributed safely among your family and friends and out of the mouths of your pets.


#3: Beware of poisonous plants. Flowers can be attractive to your pets and may look good enough to eat, but don’t let your pets take a bite. Easter lilies are popular for the season, but are downright dangerous for your cats if ingested. If you are planning on sending flowers on Easter Sunday to a parent or loved one, it is important you alert them of the potential hazard if they own a cat.


#4: Avoid Easter basket hazards. Decorations like fake grass, plastic eggs, or miniature toys can be too tempting for your pet and can cause choking if swallowed. It can also cause digestive problems or irritation to your pet’s intestines, which may prompt a costly visit to the vet.


#5: Contact your veterinarian. If your pet is in pain or if he or she has experienced an injury, it can cause more harm than good if you try to fix the problem yourself. It’s best to request an emergency appointment if you feel that your pet has been poisoned or hurt. Gently wrap your pet in blankets and take them in right away. Make sure to also take anything you think your pet might have ingested and give the vet as many details as possible.


Keep your pets safe and healthy this Easter by following these guidelines. Watch for symptoms including vomiting, diarrhea, and lethargy if your pet is acting out of sorts. If you feel like you can’t have a watchful eye on your furry friend throughout the day, keep them in another room or allow them to play outside, if the weather permits. As for the rest of the year, make sure you are using eco-friendly products that benefit your pet’s health.


Your pet most likely enjoys bright, shiny objects and delicious-smelling food, but more often than not it’s not the best healthwise. Your pets can participate in Easter festivities, just make sure they aren’t being put at risk while doing so.

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