Making a Small Workshop Work for You

When the space is limited in your home, creating a usable workshop space can be difficult, but it’s not impossible. You can make small spaces feel bigger and function better by making easy design choices and choosing items that multi-task. Before you get started scope out your potential workshop area and look for blank walls, cupboards and the potential for storage space up high. Here are a few ways you can create more room for a small workshop in your garage or even in a larger tool shed.


Get rid of the junk: The easiest way to create more room for your workshop is to get rid of the junk that’s take residence in your garage or shed. Take an afternoon (or two, if your area is particularly cluttered) and sort through what you have. Set aside items to keep, sell and donate. If you have enough items, throw a yard sale and earn a little extra cash for some of your unwanted items. Take the leftovers to a donation center.


Create a better storage system: Another simple way to create extra space in your garage or shed is to create a better storage system. Most people aren’t using all of the space they have available. Consider overhead storage that lets you store items you rarely use (holiday items, seasonal gear) from the ceiling. You should also consider installing shelving on the walls to create additional storage space and clear up more floor space for you to use.


Take advantage of corners: Corners, like open air space in rooms, is routinely under-utilized. You can make the corners of the room work for you by adding corner cabinets or corner shelving. If you are working with little space, every little bit helps. Creating shelving in the corner automatically adds usable space that was most likely being ignored before.


Double duty-furniture: You can make a smaller space work better by purchasing items that do double duty. A workbench with added storage under the seat is a good example. The idea is to waste less space by bringing in less furniture. If you have high-hanging cabinets you can create additional storage space by adding shelving or hooks underneath or even on the insides of the doors. You should also consider tables and chairs that can fold down into smaller pieces when you need a little more moving room.


Ditto for tools: If you can, find tools that give you more flexibility. Instead of buying twenty different screwdrivers, consider buying a screwdriver set with changeable heads. You can even purchase saws that offer more flexibility, which means you’ll need less room for storage and bulky tools.


Peg Boards: These babies are popular for a reason. You can keep your tools out of the way without taking up much room at all. Purchase a board big enough to hold most of your smaller, some medium-sized, tools.


Have someone else do some of the work: If your workshop is tiny, it’s going to be difficult to fit everything you want or need for your projects. If you simply cannot fit certain tools, set aside a little cash to pay someone else to do the work for you (staining, cutting etc.). Use the money you would have spent on the bulky saw, air compressor or other tool to start a savings fund you can access when you need to pay for things you can’t do in your workshop.


Creating space for your workshop may take a little creativity, and possibly some sacrifice, but you can make your garage or shed a functional workspace, even if it is small.

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