How to Efficiently Drink Beer on the Go

Enjoying a good drink of beer can be difficult when you’re on the go. Whether you’re tailgating a football game or hitting up a BBQ with your buddies, carrying a can or bottle of beer around can be a hassle, or worse, land you in some trouble. And hell, why should you have to carry your can around like some antiquated fool anyway? There are much cooler, easier, and safer ways to enjoy a drink on the go. If holding a bottle in your hand is a little too old-school for you, try a few of these alternatives:


1) The Beer Belly

Whoever said you can’t drink beer in style has never seen this baby. The Beer Belly makes it easy to grab a drink without attracting any unwanted attention, and best of all, it gives you the coveted beer belly look without all the hard work! The belly acts a lot like a water pouch: just strap the bladder on under your clothes and fill it with your beer of choice. You now have an easy access drinking system hidden underneath your clothes. Your friends and seatmates may even stare in amazement as your belly seemingly shrinks several sizes over the course of the night. The WineRack is also available for the ladies.


Founding fathers from Mississippi State's Omic...
Founding fathers from Mississippi State’s Omicron Chapter at a BYX tailgate. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

2) Powdered Beer

If you are headed out for a camping trip with the guys or simply can’t lug around a case of beer, ditch the bulk and focus on the essentials. This system allows you to easily carry supplies for your favorite beverage in a more lightweight and compact form. The unit functions as a regular water bottle, but with a little mix and a bit of shaking…presto! Golden beer without the extra weight in your pack.


3) Soda Can Sleeve

If discretion is the game, you’ll love these handy soda can sleeves. Cut from original soda cans, the sleeve slips right around your beer can to cover up the incriminating evidence. You can use these fun can covers to get your wife or girlfriend off your back. These are also a great way to be a little more discreet if you are attending events for the family. Just remember to keep your drink out of the reach of any children, as these covers are cut from soda cans so it’ll be more than easy to trick little ones into thinking you are sucking down some pop.


Woman at a tailgate party for a UT football game
Woman at a tailgate party for a UT football game (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

4) Beer Buckle

Cowboy up with these stylish belt buckles that also double as beer holders. Featured on the 4th season of Shark Tank, you can wear the belt buckle to add pop to your outfit and simply flip out the drink holder when you need an extra set of hands. The retractable beverage holder is thin enough to hide on the back of the belt buckle and sturdy enough to hold your bottled or canned beverage. You can choose from several designs and styles so that your purchase fits your personality while it meets all of your beer-holding needs.


5) Hops Holster 12 Can Ammo Pack

If you’re headed out for the long-haul, a single can holder simply won’t do. Whether you’re going to a tailgating party or out for a day of hunting and fishing, having quick and easy access to your beverage of choice will make your event that much more comfortable. This 12-can holster is insulated, which means you can haul your cold drinks around while maintaining your rogue reputation.


Next time you head out with the guys; make sure to grab one of these handy drink holders to maximize convenience and hydration wherever you go.


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