From Life to Possession: Organizing – A Few Tips

We all know how it is. Stepping on a toy car, tripping over a dollhouse, picking up Legos. When it comes to kids, there’s stuff everywhere and it becomes a problem. It’s kind of like when you first move in with someone. Where does all of the new junk stuff go?


My wife is a bit of a hoarder and I’ve found that organizing our things is kind of like organizing our life. What’s important and what isn’t? Taking a step back and putting things into perspective helps a lot. I realized that a lot of things in our house we weren’t using at all anymore.


Have a System:


I realized when I looked at all of my electronics that I used very few of them on a regular basis. Was I really using that shiny quadcopter kit enough to still have it sitting in my office? No, I don’t believe I was. How about my graphing calculator sitting on my desk? No again.  Things you use the most deserve the highest priority in the home. My shelves are organized like this. Items in the garage that I’m constantly grabbing and putting back I try to place on the center shelves and make sure they have designated spots.


Get rid of the junk drawer:


Junk drawers are where things get lost. Get a space divider from the Container store and clean the drawer up. It will reduce a lot of stress and you won’t be looking for that miniscule key for five minutes in the back of the drawer.


Clean up your closets:


Hang some collapsible shelves from the closet to store towels easily and efficiently without taking up too much space. You can also shrink-wrap things you’re not using to keep things from becoming overly crowded. We like to shrink-wrap our sweaters and jackets when summer comes around. Then as it starts to cold, it’s pretty easy to take them out.


One of the most important things in organization is making sure you have a plan. Trying to clean things up and keep them that way is hard without the correct tools and necessary organizational skills.



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