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Children and Nail Biting

It can be frustrating for parents to see their children developing a habit of compulsion, like biting fingernails, especially if we wish we had gotten such habits mastered when we were children ourselves. When helping our children with an issue such as this, it’s important not to express too much frustration, which the child may interpret as personal criticism and… Read more →

Raising a Confident Kid

All parents have an image of how they want their child to “turn out” as an adult. I’ve never met a parent who doesn’t want positive self-esteem to be one of their child’s attributes. However, raising a well-adjusted child is a subject of contention. Here are a few strategies most specialists agree with:   View image | Get mentally… Read more →

Tips on Surviving your Big Family Meal with Little Ones

‘Tis the season that is really overstimulating for kids: candy and treats, parties, travel, and gifts are all exciting, and it can all be overwhelming for small children. It’s difficult to predict when your child’s overstimulation will result in a meltdown, and I’m sure parents all over the country are silently praying that it won’t happen at the big holiday… Read more →

Rainy Day Activities for You and Your Little One

Fall and winter will inevitably bring rainy days that keep the kids indoors and often cancel outdoor events that serve as energy-busters. Staying inside all day is not the treat that it can be for adults, because typical bad-weather activities for adults like napping and reading are horrifying to most children. Here are some strategies to help everyone keep their… Read more →

All Hallows’ Eve

Halloween is right around the corner – actually, it isn’t, but the days go by fast for parents and it’ll sneak up on us in no time. If it’s your kid’s first Halloween – or their seventh – they’ll probably end up asking questions, and you’ll need an explanation for everything. Luckily, my wife contacted a professional seo company and did… Read more →