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Parenting in 2016: 3 Ways to Stimulate Problem Solving

For my New Years post, I wanted to highlight a very important aspect for life: Good Parenting Good parenting is more than protecting your children and offering opportunities. It is about teaching your child how to learn and explore for themselves. This post will focus on ways to incorporate self-learning and independence among our children. Munchkin is almost 5 years… Read more →

Saving BIG at the Grocery Store

Last year’s “extreme couponing” boom came at the heels of a huge increase in “coupon bloggers” on the internet. It’s easy to find bloggers and web forums about extreme couponing, and many of them feature pictures of people with 30 free boxes of cereal and 28 free packs of ballpoint pens.   It’s important to remember that these photos aren’t… Read more →

Yoga with Your Kids – When, Where and How

Unfortunately, kids today are more sedentary than ever, so parents should be vigilant in finding exercise that their kids enjoy. Team sports become a huge part of many children’s lives, but this doesn’t interest all kids, or match their skills. An often overlooked option is yoga. While yoga is enjoying a surge in popularity with adults, parents should contemplate the… Read more →

Helping Your Child Break the Nail Biting Habit

It can be frustrating for parents to see their children developing a habit of compulsion, like biting fingernails, especially if we wish we had gotten such habits mastered when we were children ourselves. When helping our children with this issue, it’s important not to express too much frustration, which the child may interpret as personal criticism and rejection. Try some… Read more →

Combating Colds & the Flu Naturally

The dreaded cold-and-flu season is upon us, and no one dreads this as much as parents. The Centers for Disease Control estimates that adults contract 2-3 colds per year, and children, on average, contract at least three per year. Mathematically, this means that millions of Americans have a cold at any given winter month.   If any family member contracts… Read more →

Raising Grateful Children

‘Tis the season of gift-giving, and children always receive a major haul of gifts in middle- to upper-middle-class families in America. For parents wanting to instill a sense of social conscience in their children, it’s uncomfortable to watch their children receive more of everything they already have more-than-enough of. How to intervene without being the wet blanket? Try some of… Read more →