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Saving BIG at the Grocery Store

Last year’s “extreme couponing” boom came at the heels of a huge increase in “coupon bloggers” on the internet. It’s easy to find bloggers and web forums about extreme couponing, and many of them feature pictures of people with 30 free boxes of cereal and 28 free packs of ballpoint pens.   It’s important to remember that these photos aren’t… Read more →

Tips on Surviving your Big Family Meal with Little Ones

‘Tis the season that is really overstimulating for kids: candy and treats, parties, travel, and gifts are all exciting, and it can all be overwhelming for small children. It’s difficult to predict when your child’s overstimulation will result in a meltdown, and I’m sure parents all over the country are silently praying that it won’t happen at the big holiday… Read more →

5 Health Benefits of Coffee

Nothing gets the morning started quite like a hot cup of coffee – in fact, out of the 100 million daily coffee drinkers in America, 68% of them drink their first cup within an hour of waking up.  And with at least 9 different ways to brew your beans, that number is not surprising.  So grab your favorite mug and… Read more →