Awesome News – My Wife is A Rock Star

My wife is the best, literally the best ever. She works for a real estate consulting firm and has been doing the assistant thing for far too long.




The NEWS: 

She recently got promoted to a consultant! What does this mean? She gets to travel around and visit various areas of the US and consult on all types of real estate issues.

After her offer, we talked and talked and talked and talked. Instead of having her gone for weeks at a time leaving Munchkin and I here to twiddle our thumbs (Munchkin’s thumbs are so cute when he twiddles them) we get to travel with her and experience these new cities first hand!


My Blog: 

What does that mean for my blog? Don’t fret everyone, the blog will be bigger and better than ever as I get to blog about life on the road and organizing a family that is constantly moving around. This fits with the current content and I am excited to introduce the new travel component to boost the strength of my content for all you you loyal readers. I will cover everything from organizing a house while you are on the road, to parenting with a child that has to continually move house.


Home School will be coming our way shortly as well. This is exciting news for everyone in our family. Stay tuned and see what comes next!



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