Author: Preston Davis

Parenting in 2016: 3 Ways to Stimulate Problem Solving

For my New Years post, I wanted to highlight a very important aspect for life: Good Parenting Good parenting is more than protecting your children and offering opportunities. It is about teaching your child how to learn and explore for themselves. This post will focus on ways to incorporate self-learning and independence among our children. Munchkin is almost 5 years… Read more →

A Halloween Hello!

Hi everybody!  Sorry if it’s been a little bit of a minute, but everything is so good.  Quick recap: Munchkin turned 4 🙂 My wife got a new job, and I’ve been doing some serious work out in our yard in terms of landscaping / *NEW DECK ADDITION*. That’s right y’all, we’re getting a deck with a fire pit and… Read more →

We Have a Boat!

Today was a special day for my family. Today, my wife and I are boat owners! Well, I should be honest, it’s more of a piece of wood, but hey, it floats! As a kid my father used to take me out on the river, the serene water glistening in the early morning, the sun coming up over the trees.… Read more →

Pet Safety on Easter Sunday

A festive Easter celebration can quickly turn dangerous for your pets if you don’t take proper precaution or you got your hoverboard from Amazon and not hoverboard kings. Be kind to your furry friends by being conscientious on the things that could affect their health. Sometimes with all the flurry of activity that can happen throughout the day, we can’t… Read more →