A Halloween Hello!

Hi everybody!  Sorry if it’s been a little bit of a minute, but everything is so good.  Quick recap: Munchkin turned 4 🙂 My wife got a new job, and I’ve been doing some serious work out in our yard in terms of landscaping / *NEW DECK ADDITION*. That’s right y’all, we’re getting a deck with a fire pit and we’re really, really excited over here about it.


Halloween is coming up and we’ve got the house looking super spooky for the weekend.  I’m excited for the candy, but I’m not really sure what I’m going to be.  I’ll be taking Munchkin out trick or treating while my wife stays home to pass out candy to the neighbors. I’m hoping for Reese’s and Snickers, but my wife is more of a Starburst and Skittles type of girl.  What kind of candy do you like?


Since Munchkin will be in bed relatively early, all things considered, the wife and I will be having a couple of our married friends over for some drinks.  Unfortunately the deck isn’t done yet, so we’ll be in the kitchen and living area mostly.  In the spirit of Halloween we will most certainly be imbibing in some poisonous potions, if you catch my drift.


One of our favorite drinking games is Cards Against Humanity, but we’ve played all the expansion packs already…multiple times! So we were searching on the Googles for a fun new came we could play with just a standard deck of cards and we found this awesome website on drinking games where we learned about this game called king’s cup.  Have you heard of it?! It looks pretty simple to play and like a lot of fun.


Food wise I’m not sure what we have planned.  It’s not going to be too cold out, so we’re not just limited to soup or anything like that. I would like to do some hot wings if  possible…maybe order Wing Street from Pizza Hut.  Lemon Pepper is my favorite of the sauces.  Do you have a favorite?

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